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Our History

Health care institution "City Clinical child psychiatric clinic"

Clinic opened in 1996. Until his discovery child psychiatry outpatient department was represented MGPND.

Many years of previous experience has shown that the co-existence of the children's department in the composition of the adult institutions hampered the development of the service. Mental health care for children was limited primarily outpatient visits. Other forms of its almost non-existent.

At the present time the dispensary function:

- Outpatient №1, №2;

- Psychotherapeutic department;

- Department of Medical Rehabilitation №1, №2;

- Branch night stay №1, №2;

- Organizational and methodological advisory department;

- The psychological laboratory.

In the clinic are highly qualified specialists: psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, neurologist, speech therapists, massage therapist, nurse, physical therapy, and others.

Medical care is provided at a plurality of different states: fears, tics, obsessive-compulsive disorder, sleep disorders, enuresis, encopresis, neurotic reactions, behavioral disorders, reaction to stress, parenting issues, suicidal thoughts, speech disorder, delayed speech and mental development, psychotic states.

For all children's mental health services of the country dispensary became advisory and methodological center. The scientific and practical conferences, training seminars, issued guidelines.

Since 1998, organized emergency psychological help - "helpline for children and young people" - 263 03 03 Its activity is effective, allows to stop the crisis conditions in children, behavioral problems prevent them suicidal tendencies.

Clinic team works closely with experts from Russia, the Netherlands, Sweden, working with UNICEF, performing joint programs.

Pays constant attention to improving the diagnostic and treatment process. During the activity introduced more than 30 methods of examination and treatment.

Clinic is open to a broad dialogue with the population. Held shares "if your child is ready for school?", "Days of Mental Health," "School of Health". Model of mental health care for children close to the best achievements in this area in the developed world.


22, Kuncevschina Street, 220017, Minsk

Contact Numbers: +375 17 3138176,
+375 17 3150544, fax: +375 17 3150544